Feb 9, 2019
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K’Watch Glucose: the world’s first Smartwatch to measure blood glucose continuously

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Kvitality develops a smartwatch to measure its blood glucose level minimally invasive. The company announced that K’Watch Glucose will now be able to monitor the glucose level continuously.

The future product of PKvitalit has moved from measuring blood glucose to demand to a continuous measurement. It will be the first medical smartwatch able to measure and display blood glucose continuously, without effort and without pain. With K’Watch, diabetic patients will be able to check their blood glucose level instantly, the short-term trend or its evolution over time.

Patients will also be able to receive automatic and personalized alerts to prevent episodes of hyper or hypoglycemia at any time of the day or night. Finally, users will be able to schedule alerts to trusted people in the event of a serious episode, thanks to the system of notifications sent via the PK application directly to their smartphone.

The K’Watch Glucose is equipped with a consumable inserted on the back of the watch called K’apsul. The whole concept of K’apsul lies in the SkinTaste technology: a technology consisting of a biochemical sensor and a set of microtips. These microtips plunge into the upper part of the epidermis thus preventing any sensation of pain, most of the mechanical nerves being located deeper under the skin.

The watch measures the glucose concentration by analyzing the chemical reaction produced in contact with the interstitial fluid and not with the blood.

No price or availability date announced for this new version.

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