Feb 11, 2019
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Logitech G413 Carbon – The indestructible keyboard

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Today we have the pleasure of reviewing a high-end keyboard, it is the Logitech G413 Carbon , expressly designed for the demanding gamer.


The package looks like a tailor-made suit that with its illustrations already makes us understand that the product that holds is of quality .

Let’s see in this gallery what it looks like and its contents:

  • Keyboard well packaged in a transparent plastic casing
  • In a sub-box we also find some replacement buttons (to be precise those that are used more in first-person games (letters ASD / QWER / NUMERIC KEYS 1-2-3- 4-5) in addition to the tool to remove them
  • A small user manual

Unfortunately, the Italian language is always missing in these manuals and it is certainly a sorry thing …


The first impression by lifting it is that of sturdiness , in fact its main construction material is an aluminum also used for aircraft of a beautiful gray color that gives elegance and aggressiveness.

The keyboard has two interwoven canvas usb cables to not get tangled and to be durable over time, which is appreciated by those who mistreat the keyboard during the most excited phases of the game. One is used to power the keyboard; the other to manage a small rear hub.

In the part below we also find the feet to adjust the height and also the bottom of the keyboard even if always hidden is well finished, nothing is left to chance.

Everything seems taken care of in the details and if the first impression always counts … then I am satisfied


By connecting the USB cables, the keyboard turns on the backlighting clearly showing its aggressive nature with a nice red access that contrasts with the black keys.

The mechanics of the keys are very sensitive and comparing it with another gaming keyboard a bit ‘ancient (La G15) you immediately notice the difference. In fact, the keys are definitely more pronounced and the shape revisited over time is more comfortable.

If I tried a few sessions of play I immediately realized the greater reactivity, it seems as if you read the thought and while pressing the button already there is the reaction.

Speaking of keys, we see in detail the extraction forceps:

Once you remove a key, we notice the quality mechanics and the powerful red LED below, precise and that does not generate absolutely unpleasant halos around the perimeter of the key.

“It does not even get jammed when you fiercely burst!”

The innovative ROMER-G mechanic does its job and gives 25% more speed.

In general I find no faults but only merits, although I consider the whole keyboard slightly “high”, which takes some time to get used to the position of the wrists.

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