Mar 21, 2019
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Mac with ARM: will arrive in 2020?

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Apple could abandon the Intel chips for its Macs , opting instead for proprietary ARM solutions from 2020. This is what Bloomberg and Axios report, underlining how the parties in Cupertino would be all ready for an imminent transition.

For some time it has been discussed about the possible launch of a Mac, presumably a MacBook, equipped with ARM chipsets . Not only because these processors are reaching a power that is completely comparable to the desktop, but also because the Cupertino company could benefit from it. Apparently, the transition could start in just over a year, when the Californian company could launch its first MacBook ARM , reducing its dependence on Intel.

As already mentioned, the use of ARM could guarantee Apple many benefits. The first in terms of design, with the ability to design processors according to their specific needs, as is already the case for the iOS universe . Still, these processors can take advantage of lower power consumption – thus increasing battery life – and lower cooling needs, a fact that could give Apple the chance to say goodbye to fans. Last but not least, it would be much easier for the bitten apple to achieve greater convergence between iOS and macOS, with the ability to easily exchange applications between the two platforms given the sharing of the same architecture.

Apple has already begun to insert some ARM chips into its computers, such as the T2 of the new MacBook Pro, to handle some security features and the Hey Siri commands. At the moment, however, the Californian group has not confirmed the rumors that emerged on the stars and stripes. All that remains is to wait for any other new rumors from the group supply chain.

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