Apr 10, 2019
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The new Garmin MARQ line launches a challenge to the watch market

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Defining them smartwatch is an understatement: a new line of products with sophisticated materials and special functions depending on use

Probably a milestone passage of a very long history, which has very different origins: I remember as if it were yesterday, about 20 years ago, my first satellite “navigator”, which in reality was a kind of “position detector” without even the possibility of tracing a navigation “from point to point”.

What is Garmin MARQ

Today comes a new line of watches, which are called tool watches, tools that combine the usual functions of Garmin to support those who do outdoor activities and want to measure their sports performance, with the search for fine materials, exclusive design and mind-boggling prices .

Ceramics, titanium and sapphire crystal are just three of the ingredients that have been mixed for the new Garmin recipe in the watch world.

5 different models with an exclusive proposal, for a positioning that fluctuates between 1,500 and 2,500 euros.

Each of these models has specific functions designed for the different uses, on a sailboat, rather than driving a sports car or carrying out physical activities.

The smartwatch version devices have a battery capable of operating for 12 days in smartwatch mode, 12 hours in GPS mode and 48 hours in ultra trac mode.

All models have a grade 2 titanium case , to combine lightness and strength.

The dial is made of sapphire crystal, worked in the absence of oxygen: the result is that sunlight is better filtered and the dial is super readable.

Depending on the models the straps change, which can however be replaced with products compatible with the Garmin FIT system , while all the watches are equipped with NFC and therefore compatible with Garmin Pay .

Garmin MARQ Aviator

It is the combination of brushed grade 2 titanium and shiny black ceramic bezel with laser engraving over 24 hours.

MARQ Aviator wears a multi-link satin grade 2 titanium bracelet, inspired by flight, with links recalling the shape of a wing with a “swept wing” design.

The buckle is equipped with a double SECURE security system. The GMT bezel offers pilots quick access to the time with reference time zone, as well as two additional spindles represented by local airport codes and queue number within two sub-dials.

Instead, the MARQ Aviator software offers dedicated aeronautical functions, including maps with flight references, airport details and advanced security features such as: Direct-to-Navigation and Nexrad Weather Radar. The world airport database and integration to the air navigation system complete the navigation set

MARQ Captain

MARQ Captain stands out for its nautical color theme with a navy blue shiny ceramic bezel and seamless nylon strap, designed and produced in the south of France.

Three shades of blue blend into the strap in a vivid and unique pattern, able to guarantee strength even in constant and continuous contact with salt water.

Garmin MARQ Captain offers useful navigation functions during a race: Virtual Starting Line, Time To Burn and Tack Assist.

The MARQ Captain technology allows you to connect it to the on-board Garmin system to receive all the boat information on your wrist; it is thus possible to analyze all the data to better face a race.

MARQ Driver

With maps of over 250 circuits worldwide, MARQ Driver is the ideal navigator for those who love the track.

The design recalls the red of racing, the gray of carbon and is taken care of in every detail of the watch including the button embellished with knurled CNC machined inserts and equipped with hydrophobic oring.

Entirely covered in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon), it has a tachymetric ceramic bezel with a brushed finish, equipped with a hybrid grade 2 titanium strap with silicone inserts.

MARQ Driver offers advanced driving features: automatic lap timing, Auto Lap Split, detailed lap information.

The Track Timer allows you to monitor car times directly from the stands. Automatically calculates the average speed and indicates it on a digital speedometer that appears on the display.

MARQ Expedition

MARQ Expedition comes with a satin-finished ceramic bezel with laser-engraved cardinal points, barometric scales on the dial and an Italian cowhide leather strap.

The leather is vegetable tanned and engraved with slits worked in the graver, recalling the scale of the old topographic maps.

The comb engraving on the back of the strap offers greater wearability and ergonomics from the first twist of the wrist.

In addition, the waxed seam seals the embroidery spun from the humidity, thus preventing the strap from fraying over time.

The heart of MARQ Expedition is equipped with a topographic map, altimeter, barometer and compass, with both automatic and manual calibration.

MARQ Expedition is also compatible with inReach ® Mini, the Garmin two-way satellite communicator: this connectivity allows the user to send messages and request SOS directly from their tool watch.

Finally, with the new energy saving mode integrated in MARQ Expedition, the battery lasts for several weeks.

MARQ Athlete

Combines the gray of carbon with yellow. In the MARQ Athlete the display shows the most relevant features; the satin-finished ceramic bezel includes a scale for quick reading of VO2Max and recovery time.

MARQ Athlete includes advanced racing dynamics, for precise monitoring of workouts and observing progress, sensors for the control of multiple biometric data and measurement for any type of race.

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